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My art really depends on what I'm in the mood for. :>

Current Obsession: League of Legends and Five Nights at Freddy's. :]

You hate the stuff I make? Get outta here then, you dun have'ta be here!

Wanna steal MY art? Get. The. FUCK. Out!!

Ye, I've decided to put together another cosplay. :>

This time, it's for a popular custom skin for League of Legends, an Ahri skin called Generation Ahri.…

It may not be an actual skin for the NA server, but it's available in the Korean server I'm pretty sure. :>

I'm just waiting on my tail, which is being shipped to me at this moment, and the shoes.

Well, my cosplay won't have all nine tails unfortunately, cause tails are expensive as fuck and I don't know how to make a proper tail, so ye. I'm sticking with one tail, besides when she's walking her tails bunch up into one tail so I'm good. B)

Shoes, shoes, shoes. Black heels. :T I found a pair at my local Charlotte Russe that fit the bill, so ye. I'm going there in the next few days to pick them up. Hopefully the $9.99 sale will still be there by the time I go back.

Next up, this cosplay is especially for my upcoming con that I might be going to, which is Anime Boston. This will be my second year that I'll be going, mainly so I can meet up with a friend of mine that I met last year. Also since different friends are going with me this year, it'll be much more fun and I won't have to worry about them leaving me for other people unlike that bitch that I used to call my friend.

So ye, that's what I'm up to. I also have next week off for February break, so I'll be on League more often and I might be drawing a bit more too.

I also should REALLY get back to work on my animation for YouTube... I had a bit of inspiration, but it faded away too quickly. :L

Okai, that's about it. See ya guys in the next journal. :>
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Steamprofile badge by

Your name is SOPHIA. You have just arrived home from a tiresome day of school. You have a number of INTERESTS that involve WATCHING ANIME and on an occasion do some DRAWING. Also on an occasion you COSPLAY. Besides going to school, you spend most of your time on your computer talking to your ONLINE FRIENDS because everyone at your school are douchebags besides very FEW FRIENDS that understand you. Basically all together, you are just ONE WEIRD PERSON. Your username for DeviantART is CookiesNLazars, and on most gaming softwares, YanderePrime. Your previous name was YandereQueen. Basically, even more all together, you are just a female DIRK.

How was that for my version of a Homestuck intro? :>


I've quit for the voice of Yubel in Kakashikyle. July 3rd 2013 - February 2014. Thanks man, was nice working with ya.

PLZ Accounts:
:iconsophiahplz: :iconsophialol: :iconwingyunnotamusedplz: :iconsophanoplz: :iconshutupanddieplz:


AutoBots! Roll out~!

TF Girls stamp by Metallikato

Bumblebee Stamp by emerald-equineTransformers Bumblebee Fan Stamp by TMNT-Raph-fan Bumblebee is my film bae.

But in Prime...

TFP Knockout stamp by D-NightRainKnockout Stamp txt by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy This crazy Medic

TF: Prime -- Don't Worry. Be Happy! by Mist-HowlerTFP Soundwave stamp by D-NightRain and this silent Communications Officer.

Autobots... You can't get me back now. o-o

I :heart: Transformers Prime!
Stamp: Transformers Prime by AraktugageTFP-Prime supporter Stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed


I play League of Legends!
Top Laner of Choice: League of Legends: Yasuo Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Diana Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Nidalee Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Darius Stamp by immature-giraffe
Mid Laner of Choice: League of Legends: Yasuo Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Vel'Koz Stamp by immature-giraffe
ADC of Choice: Leauge of Legends: Jinx Stamp by Pcyzicus League of Legends: Quinn Stamp by immature-giraffe
Support of Choice: League of Legends: Soraka Stamp by immature-giraffe
Jungler of Choice: I don't play much jungle, but League of Legends: Rengar Stamp by immature-giraffe and Rek'Sai

Other champs that I like to use in Howling Abyss: League of Legends: Sejuani Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Sivir Stamp by immature-giraffe

My champ harem. B)
:heart:League of Legends: Yasuo Stamp by immature-giraffe:heart:League of Legends: Twisted Fate Stamp by immature-giraffe:heart:League of Legends: Ezreal Stamp by immature-giraffe:heart:League of Legends: Talon Stamp by immature-giraffe:heart:

Yasuo has a special place in my heart. :>…


My DA Family :heart:

Older Sister: :iconrlouward09:
Younger Sister: :iconadorableevil29:
Brother: :iconarimibn:
Pets: :iconderpinfinity:
Mom: :iconparasiticsoul:
Son: :icongigantlover20:


This is my IRL sister! --> :iconwolfskyla: say hello and watch her!


╚══`.¸. Yasuo~


❑ Single
❑ Taken
✔ Mentally dating a character that doesn't actually exist


Bruno Mars had a Grenade, and Tiao Cruz had Dynamite, so they both threw them at Katy Perry who exploded like a Firework. The bang was so loud that the Black Eyed Peas forgot The Time, while Rihanna had memory loss and ran around saying Whats My Name.Eminem looked around and said Im Not Afraid, then Willow Smith began to Wip Her Hair, which started a Far East Movement. They then crashed their G6 into a club and LMFAO finally stopped Party Rocking. Luckily for Nelly it was all Just a Dream.

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